Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kick Butt Coffee

Last night, after our somewhat hollow show at the Art 6 Coffee House in Denton, TX, we hauled it on down to Austin for sleepovers, exploration, and a potential chance at a last minute show or two at America's Live Music Capital. We took to calling any connection or person with an extra space for us to crawl into around 9pm.

After stopping in Waco for a few minutes, the game plan went as follows:
1. Dylan, Santi, and Kristin take one van and stay at Dylan's friend Bennett's house in North Austin.
2. Jemila, Te'Jah, and I take the other van and stay with Jemila's friend Katie at the University of Texas.
3. Bill, Claudia, and Chaz decided to hang out in the RV and sleep for a little bit and would meet up with Bill's cousin later that day.

After much scrambling and confusion, we all met back up for dinner at a place called Hula Hut, on the lake in Austin. The place consisted of a multitude of palm trees, Hawaiian paraphernalia, and extremely smiley, sunkissed faces of servers.

Thanks to Jemila's friend Katie (and connections in general), we arranged a last minute show at this venue called Kick Butt Coffee, sponsored by On The Real Magazine. We quickly ordered dinner, ate at the speed of light, and headed to the gig. The guy running the show was named William T. The over-zealous MC had been waiting in the front of the venue for us to come in. Apparently, we were super early for the gig. But, honestly, I'd rather have had early than super late. It's "professional," said William.

The crowd seemed ready to holler and shout by the time we were set up to play. The place wasn't too big, but held a good 40-50 people without completely losing hope of personal space and sanity. Our first tune, "Shake Your Body," by the Jackson 5 (during their late era of wanting to merely be called the "Jacksons") got everyone pumped and hungry for more China Fox. After every song, everyone in the place kept yelling various shouts of, "ONE MORE!"

It was the gig we really needed. Afterwards, everyone wanted to take a picture with us, visit, and get our contact information. William T. found it hard to stop hugging us and saying,"Y'all did y'all's thang."

Overall, a great night.

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