Thursday, August 18, 2011


DFW, Tejas.

At the early hour of 8 am yesterday, wee leetle foxes rubbed our sleepy eyes and aimlessly wandered about the D'Aubin house in search of breakfast food, coffee, and some sort of sanity. After which, we began packing up suitcases, folding blankets, and restoring the house to its somewhat normal state of but a mere five to six high school boys running around, wreaking havoc.

Sebastian volunteered to drive the equipment van with myself in the passenger's seat. "We be drivin'!" is all we could exclaim for the next half hour or so.

Once on the road, our two vans full of sleepy, wandering eyes witnessed a number of hills and trees along the winding highway through Northwest Arkansas, heading west through Oklahoma.

Destination: Dallas, Texas.

Sebastian and I exchanged many ideas and theories regarding love, music, and relationships in general. I've always loved one-on-one time with members of the band. He inquired about my musical inspiration, aspirations, and specific meanings of songs I'd composed. It was refreshing to talk about music without dropping names or feeling the need to prove myself as most situations will call for at the prestigious Berklee.

Once in Dallas, we decided to visit the venue we would play, "Opening Bell" coffee. It was a nice place, half bar, half coffee shop with a little stage and a multitude of posters, portraits, and novelties only found in southern coffee shops.

The show was pretty fun last night. Opening for us was a duo from southern California called "I Hate You Just Kidding," who played mostly Indie/Folk with banjo, tambourine, acoustic guitar and the whole bit.
We tried out different quirky stage techniques during our set and cool harmonies for a minute since we were given a lot of freedom. After the show, we wanted to try and sneak in at this bar for an open mic, but the bill was full once we got there. Glad we tried.

Another show tonight at Art 6 Coffee House in Denton, TX tonight from 9-11. Pictures soon to come.

To whoever's been reading this: thank you. You are greatly appreciated in our eyes.

More to come.

-Mama Fox

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