Saturday, August 13, 2011

Iron Horse Coffee House

Hey, guys!

We're having a blast on the Shadow Sounds Tour! Last night marked the start as we kicked off the tour at the Independence Main Street Coffee House in Missouri. Tonight, we'll be rockin' the house at Iron Horse Coffee in Rogers, AR. [pictures to come]

After the gig last night, the fox crew decided to scour the streets of KC for sustenance with the forty dollars in tips we had so proudly earned. Heeding the advice of bassist, Jemila, we headed to the ever-so classy Sonic ("open late"). We proceeded to attack the Sonic employees with a round of bright blue tongue-dying drinks called Ocean Waters (sprite + coconut + blue ick) and so many different types of burgers that one of the employees had to leave their indoor speaker to receive a hand written list of all our orders.

Satisfied and our mouths stained bright blue, to hopped into our mini vans and headed south towards Ar-can-sauce. An hour into the trip we were all startled by the lightning filled sky ahead and soon were fighting against the torrential downpour and the wind that blew our car in and out of lanes. Only with the help of the endless music and Te'jah and Jemila's sudden outburst of their Mortal Kombat imitation did we survive (but really, thanks to Bill and Claudia who were driving!)

We arrived, battered and eyes half open around 2am and instantly invaded the next home we were going to be living in for the next 4 days. They sleepily pointed to sleeping bags and beds we could occupy, and high off of the early morning and fresh off the road we noisily got to bed. We would now like to thank all we disturbed who were sleeping peacefully in their beds until we arrived and not only woke them up, but took over their beds!

At this moment, we are sitting around in the very hip Iron Horse with free drinks and sandwiches :)

More updates soon and pictures.

-the China Fox foxes

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